Manufactured Landscapes

edwardburtynsky_02edwardburtynsky_01edwardburtynsky_03 A nice follow on from the last post: this is a feature length documentary by Jennifer Baichwal about the photographer Edward Burtynsky. He takes stunning photographs of landscapes which have been drastically altered by human activity- think open mines, endless factrories and ship breaking beaches.

It's powerful and beautiful stuff but also very open ended. As Burtynsky himself points out- he doesn't take a 'this is bad' political stand point- but lets people see what they want to see. There's an obvious sustainability and 'aren't we fucking up the planet' message that can be read but also there's a whole look at human progress and our advancement in conquering nature or something.

Interesting film, more a piece of journalism than a pointed 'An Inconvenient Truth' thing but well worth watching.