objectified some salient quotes from the film:

We designers do not work in a vacum... we are not the fine artists we are often confused with. (Dieter Rams)

We now have a new generation of products where the form bares absolutley no relation to the function. (Alice Rawsthorne)

We tend to want new things- they can do something that has a different look, a newer look, a fresher look, a new now, next now kind of look and the problem with spending a lot of time focusing on what's very now and very next is that it isn't very forever and that means it doesn't last, because there's someone coming along trying to design what's new and next after that. (Rob Walker)

When you own the car and you drive the car even the decisions about whether you're going to put a bumper sticker on it- there's an idea of an audience- I feel pretty strongly that this is true not just of cars but for almost everything you buy that the real 'audience' is really ourselves, and the person you're really speaking to when you're speaking about 'Why me and this car? Why is this the right car for me?' You're making a statement to yourself about yourself.  (Rob Walker)

I like the concept of wearing in rather than wearing out. You'd like to create something were the emotional relationship was more satisfying over time. (Bill Moggridge)

mass communication vs. mass production (Anthony Dunne)