Cigarette Cards (from some tea)

Another internet facilitated collection. I liked that i could collect both the cards and indirectly the moths and butterflies- two collections in one. Beautiful tiny tactile objects- i don't really like tea but I'd probably buy more of it if sweet little cards like this came in it. (probably not- maybe if they were total sets- then definitely- i guess the thing, as advertising or incentive hangs on the need to complete the set- do they expect you to get 25 boxes of this tea and then change- like one of those shit magazines? probably not- i guess they change the cards then- ahhh cunning- anyway it's all about sets and completion and how I've payed £2 and acquired it real easy and no tea- more fool you tea bosses- or more fool me because it was free to begin with and I've just payed for it, maybe i could get some comments on this one- i think it's more interesting than i first thought it was). cigarette-card-1.jpgcigarette-cards-1.jpg