Hang on...

Actually there was one embarrassing moment, right at the end of the interview where he asked me who my favourite graphic designers were and i somehow clammed up and said erm erm erm you, and erm erm erm Build... and i couldn't think of anymore. So i had a think and thought i should post a list or images or something to remind myself of the awesome stuff i like. I dont think i have favourite graphic designers more like favourite projects and some favourite projects are by the same company or person because i have three favourite design projects- only one of which i graphics. I dunno- here's the list. (not extensive- enough for say when someone asks you in and interview) (of graphic designers and projects) (in no order) Stefan Sagmeister, particularly the Anni Kuan project http://www.sagmeister.com/work2.html

Build http://wearebuild.com/

The book A B Z more alphabets and other signs ABZ 1ABZ 2

Bibliothèque http://www.bibliothequedesign.com/

This old map of bus routes around BrightonBus Routes 1Bus Routes 2Bus Routes 3

Buro Destruct, particularly the BBD Designer screensaver http://www.burodestruct.net/bureaudestruct/bddesigner/index.html

Spin http://www.spin.co.uk/

Iwant, particularly the Youssou N'dour sampler and Tracey Thorn Project http://www.iwantdesign.com/iwant2007.html

Non-Format http://www.non-format.com/

This poster for Iceland supermarketsIceland Poster