Territories Map

This is the map i created for my map of my project so far. It is pretty much a glorieifed spider diagram- 25 words which can be linked most ways and any random 5 would create an interesting relationship and project. The map is firstly an illustration of my territory- this is the words. On the other side are various shapes of various sizes. The tool part of it starts when the viewer is asked to pick a set of 5 cards- do they pick all the cards of a certain shape, all the cards of a certain size ones, or the diagonals, the most aesthetic pattern or randomly. These choices then corespond to the words on the reverse creating new groupings. (The words on the reverse are also ordered (by shape) into 5 categories Curation:    labeling, criteria, rhyming objects, display.

Frames and Boundaries:    gaps, proximity, storage, horizontal space

Accumulation:        repetition, gathering, acquisition, copying

The Collector:        sequential, completion, validation, context abstraction

The Artifact:        taxidermy, scale and proportion, typologies, sets and groups, specimen

At the moment these are also functioning as chapter headings for my context report but im pretty sure ill  need to hack these down to a more managable size.