Making Stuff

So i guess this is a retrospective blog- just figured out how to use this thing- expect frequent posts i hope. Anyway i've had this one stored up for a couple of weeks now- it's some compost bins me and my dad made while i was back home- it was really good fun to just be doing something practical and real- uni makes it tricky sometimes to just get some wood and make.. i dunno a compost bin or whatever. It was good fun and satisfying. As was filling this massive raised bed that my dad thought would be a cool thing to have in the garden as a veggie patch. He called the guy who sells soil on the phone and gave him the dimensions and was surprised when 5 and a half tonnes of soil and gravel turned up. So we barralled 4 tonnes of soil into the vegtable patch and the gravel around it and then were dead the next day- good work out. Compost Bin Vegetable Patch