One Minute Collection

On the last day of modelling week i got everyone to help me make a one minute collection and got everyone to bring me one item. Artifacts collected were: A bowl & sweetcorn; Crushed beercan & small amount of beer; Mug (dirty); Plastic Flower pot; Knitting and wool; Speaker cover; paint brush (large & new); Paint brush (small & used);; Drawing pins; Small amount of wool; Cheque book with no cheques; Sean Connery mask; Cardboard gun; 5p coin; 1p coin; Rind pull; Miniature plastic snowman; Safety Pin; Laser cut Christmas tree (10cm high); Receipt; Mug (clean); The cat in the hat book minus covers; Old toothbrush (unused with packaging); 'I Love you Luke' note; Chicken Box (damaged); Unidentified piece of metal (computer cooling?)

I attempted to force groups from these and came up with categories looking at material similarities (card/paper, metal) colour, use (containers, tools etc.), themes (Christmas, money, etc.) and ended up looking at the rhyming objects- it was interesting to note that items began to 'rhyme' better when they were not just laid side by side but interacted with each other, it added to the dialogue and the way the objects referred to each other.