Teddy Bears

More interviews, today with  Violet Marriott, a Teddy Bear collector. A very impressive collection that is displayed on her sofa as you walk in which you can't ignore. I guess the things which interested me where the age of the bears, which were generally though not exclusivley, old- like some over 100 years old. The acquisition, ad criteria of the bears was also interesting- they were obtained for aesthetic value and also to prevent their destruction- Vi commented that she liked the tattiest ones best, and they were acquired via auctions, shops, gifts, stealing and skips, and whilst heritage and providence played a part in some of the value (sentimental and fiscal) and where purchased for not inconsiderable sums they were placed on par with the least notable which had become something of a mascot. All the bears wore clothes, mostly made by Vi and she referred to each by name which either referred to some sort of history which the bear had 0r to it's character- Edwin, Rupert (as in Brookes), Seigfried (as in Sassoon), Cherub, Blackie, Brass Eye, etc. A couple of quotes: 'well they're not bears, they're people', 'I like the tatty ones they're special'

Overall I think I took away the idea of collectable and context again i.e. the age and the names and the 'tattyness', the idea of memories and experiences embodied into an object is also notable.  Thanks ever so much to Vi for talking to me.