Out and About

After the interview yesterday I went to the Wellcome Collection again to take some pictures for my project, and it kicked my ass again with how brilliant it was. The content and the design were astounding, i also went to the exhibition that they've got on the ground floor about madness and modernity (and other stuff), but Bobby Baker's drawings (a drawing a day of her experience wit mental illness) read like the saddest, most beautiful and interesting comic ever- everyone go now is ace. I also went to a place called the Crypt, underneath St Pancras Church which had a good little exhibition in it- about mapping and places and atlases and all the stuff surrounding it. Interesting space and a shame the work didn't have some better labelling and descriptions but the more sculptural stuff really worked out for me. They also give you quite a nice poster guide that has some essays in it- well wrth a visit to the two places (go to Euston).