Jack Bresnahan- Tin Cans

These superb tin cans were shown across from us at New Designers- I like the pure function involved in it, and as many have already it's hard not to draw comparisons to Jorre van Ast's jars which I also love and of course they're bloody different all you nay sayers. Cheap, simple, functional. Yes. new-d_06new-d_09

Well are they? Hmm. The thing is as an idea yes of course- you can see it. But as a project it feels weak. Firstly I can't buy these, which is a little frustrating, as these things should be everywhere. You can't help feeling that even if it does get to market it will be niche magma type stores where they will sell for ten pounds a pop which totally shits on the point of the project, it needs to be avaliable for 10p-£1 at supermarkets internationally.

So OK getting to market as a student is tricky and takes time- so get some kind of instructables out there about how to make your own, or even better how to reappropriate other objects to create the same effect. I'm ranting a little but I really like the objects and the utilitarian and mass function qualities that it has. I just wish that the project had been properly thought about and that it shouldn't end on a stand at New Designers but the realisation of the project is how do you get these bits to everyone who wants one and cheaply.

Immediately I thought of the tops of tennis ball tubes- good but you have to buy tennis balls in order to get them- I'm on the look out but let me know if you spot any other possible candidates.