Social Design

mobilebench I found this ace bench somewhere- it's this guy Rogier Martens what made it. I like how it's conceptually interesting and also has a practical application (check his website for pics of it being used in a sort of amateur football club context). It links nicely to this guy that I've been meaning to blog for a bit.


On the right is an empty Nutella pot which when depleted leaves a glass and a rubber lid thing: which in my quest to discover things that will fit tins as lids I have found works a treat on an old can. This is the fucking bomb, a product where everything gets either consumed or reused- not only that it turns another, otherwise waste, object into a functional useful container again. Forget your hemp weaved nappies or whatever the hell is considered 'eco' these days. I think this kind of design (accidental or not) is the way forward for sustainable consumption (even if those two words sit uncomfortably next to each other).