Long Ol Type

I noticed something recently- maybe it's been around maybe it's always been around but more type these days has been brought to my attention that is kind long. Example: Wait and see

This excellent show catalogue/teaser/book/I'm not sure from Lincoln School of Art and Design Graphic Designers- (website's not the same really but hunt down the designers and check out their sites too- good stuff)- seriously ace work in here- it's less like a catalogue more a picture essay about anticipation- come round to my house and I'll show you. Really very good.

Field DayThis flyer for Field Day held in Victoria Park- simple and really striking.

CUBand this really nice magazine from Queen Mary's in Mile End. Uses some very nice clean type over image (which i'm also preparing a post on at some point) It is pretty nicely done all over but the cover is a real beaut if you ask me. It's also worth pointing out that all of these examples are printed on uncoated stock with no varnish or owt.

I guess 'long' type isn't a very good description I suppose condensed or something better describes it- but it seems to be about a lot and I really like it, quite understate, simple and often letting the context or other content help it out. There's this really tasty font just released from Hoefler & Frere-Jones, it's called Tungsten:Tungsten