Seriously I'm so behind the times with these posts. This is from a 4 day project about bringing about an upgrade through decay (like a snake shedding it's skin or muscle tearing to grow stronger.)001.jpg

These are some pretty pictures of decay- looking at tearing, ripping, and dying things rather than the dead.bannana010.jpg

Messing about with time in decay looking at how time plays a part in it.003.jpg

This was an experiment where a book cover was photocopied and then the copy was copied and so on for 150 pages creating a distorted, pixelated version.004.jpg

These coins were created by leaving in coke for different amounts of time- they followed thinking around the ideas of wholeness and subtraction and asked 'when is an artefact at it's best?'005.jpg

I created this stamp that would degrade over time to produce a smudge of its former self- this and the photocopies and the inbuilt change and decay in the outcomes produce interesting limited editions and groups.6003.jpg

This is as still from a short animation where the original shapes were copied and then that was copied, similar to the photocopies but more human and much more varied- the interesting part is that when 3 consecutuive frames are placed next to each otehr it is impossible to distinguish the first from the last. The decay is subtle and gradual. Each new variation is a change from the one before and if we accept that decay is change and that, as the saying goes, a change is a holiday (where a holiday is considered an upgrade) then decay = upgrade.rhino.jpg

This is an image which hit me hard and fitted the brief well. It speaks of conservation and challenges the perceptions of decay.

Repetition, repetition, repetition. Another 4 day project, this time concerned with accumulation and the effects of repetition. 008.jpg

These clock represent the start of my interest in collections and collecting- the separatley mundane clocks are brought together on mass to create an engaging collection.009.jpg

I began to think about how many trees make a forest- separatley there are 15 trees, but when put inside a frame the trees become bounded and layered creating a forest. I began to look at proximity through this aswell.line_02.jpgline_04.jpg

This experiment is concerned with rhythm and pattern, using the most basic form: a black line. I began to put these lines inside frames giving the image a greater pattern like appearance. Maybe the frame or boundary gives it's contents a context in which to be a pattern or collection. nobook_01.jpgnobook_03.jpgnobook_04.jpgnobook_06.jpg

For part of the project I collected photos of house numbers: a seldom appreciated artefact- and created this book which displays them numerically, both as a collection and, due to separate pages, on an individual basis. In this format the numbers can be appreciated singularly and favourites can be concieved.013.jpg

I also displayed them as a poster giving thought to their posisiton on the street in the layout so as to give more context. In the poster the whole group is viewed at the same time, leaving the space for similarities to be recognised- these similarities begin to form small patterns. 015.jpg

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