Hunstanton Beach Huts

  On a recent beach walk at Hunstanton I came across these huts. Apparently not available for sale these permanent sheds are passed down through families. I guess I like the romance of rocking up on a blustery day making some tea and hunkering down in a blanket on the porch to read a book. They looked to good not to photograph.

Graphics I'm Loving at the Moment

Don't normally gratuitously post graphics (there's too much pretty stuff in the world). But here are a couple of particularly amazing bits of work- one from Artist and Illustrator Anne Harild who made these collages about the modernist housing estate Bryant Court in Hackney from photos of the area. I think it's the jeuxtposition of modernist building against the irregular shed-like quality of the 'dwellings' that gets me. So much lovely texture.

And this piece buy graphics legend Marian Bantjes speaks for itself- pointless and beautiful decoration of a laser dinghy, referencing another graphic design classic- dazzle ships.