Advert Textured Club Wallpaper

Hey so the other day when I was in a horrible club feeling kinda like I wanted to not be there at all I had an idea which could be sa-weet. When you get real close to a massive billboard they are all printed with these layers of dots- obv, but they make up this weird pattern which looks kind of like circles- if you squint you can see them in the image below- my idea is for a wallpaper that looks like these dots/texture/pattern, larger than on the advert of course and in grayscale (perhaps lighter than shown here) for a club so in the day time- it could not look and feel like a fucking shit hole, and be a bar or function room or whatever,  and then night time decends and the ravers come out and the crazy lights hit it up and trip that shit out. uns uns uns. Advert Texture_1Advert Texture_3