Old Photo Gifs

A few years back a load of stuff got left outside our house from a house clearance. I managed to rescue a Sydenham familie's photo albums from the 70s. Mostly the pictures are crap photographically but together there's a certain Britishness to them. After watching the Mariner's Children video  'It Carved Your Name Into The Ground' by Betsy Dadd, I thought I'd do this with all of them and eventually put them to music I suppose. For now here is a gif.

Andrew Hem

I went to the opening (and only!) night of a show my friend Tomomi Sayuda was involved with called Nixon Art Mosh. Only really one guys worked jumped out at me, this was the illustration work of Andrew Hem. He exhibited landscapes from moleskin sketchbooks. I particularly liked the way that the actual sketchbooks were framed rather than just the pages, and also the way the images where framed on the page was great. When you were looking at the work the fact that the sketchbook was there in front of you was very apparent and you got a real feeling of effort and worth form them- I was very aware a person had spent time making these images.