High Arctic – United Visual Artists

Epic new installation at the National Maritime Museum as part of their new Sammy Ofer Wing. (Kin have a new Compass Lounge there also - more on that later). You're equipped with a ultra-violet torch which reveals text in the space and is used to interact with a series of projection 'pools'. All with the aim to highlight the effects we're having on the environment up there, and in particular the melting of the glaciers. Once you get over the novelty of the torches and twig it's UV light altering the projected 'ice' it becomes quite poignant. A very different and unusual exhibition for any museum, much more like an immersive art piece experience.

Links: Tech

An exciting more-than-a-prototype-but-maybe-not-completely-finished-yet modular robot by Modular Robotics is making me wish I had the $300 they wanted for a starter kit (which sounds pretty reasonable for what you get but you know). Really really cool- great kids toy- but also one for my Christmas list. Link:here. Ben Bashford & Friends made this prototype/ experiment / hack called Display Cabinet and It's great. Another effective example of physical computing and RFIDs hanging out and working in the real world. Link for full write up: here


Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus

This is a machine which as far as I can tell- has a story loaded on it and then takes keywords and compares those to keywords in patents in the US patents office- it finds the images associated with the words and then draws them- a drawing for every word. So you end up with a story told in amazing diagrams and drawings. Read the website, watch the video........ link: http://storyteller.allesblinkt.com/