Old Photo Gifs

A few years back a load of stuff got left outside our house from a house clearance. I managed to rescue a Sydenham familie's photo albums from the 70s. Mostly the pictures are crap photographically but together there's a certain Britishness to them. After watching the Mariner's Children video  'It Carved Your Name Into The Ground' by Betsy Dadd, I thought I'd do this with all of them and eventually put them to music I suppose. For now here is a gif.

aM Laboratory

This guy: Andre Michelle rocks. Seems to be some kind of audio code, tech master. This pic is of a tenori-on-like device which makes soaring soundscapes when you hammer at it's buttons- even if you're shit it just seems to work out somehow. Be sure to check out his other stuff too I really like these too-super ellipse and pulsate.


I'm fairly convinced this game is brilliant in some conceptual way, if not very easy. Not seen much like it before. In browser. Tick. Robots. Tick. Time travel (in game and not just a theme). Tick. Do make sure you read the instructions though or you'll break your own head.