In B Flat

Incredible and ambitious project- I think it's Lou's third year dream. I've seen similar things before, and although this one is made from submissions rather than found videos, the effect is really brilliant. Makes for actual listenable and more than that enjoyable and beautiful compositions. Go there: here b_flat

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

i_wear_my_sunglasses_at_night_by_whitewhitewine A little story: I was on an image search for something unrelated to the picture above but this photo caught my eye, I was going to go past the thumbnail without any more thought but then I noticed the title i_wear_my_sunglasses_at_night_by_whitewhitewine.jpg. I clicked. I did because the title and the connotations of the song it referred to helped validate and perhaps make more sense of the image the title had been reappropriated for. I think this is pretty interesting and I know it's probably one of the big debates in art about titles, but I'm still enjoying the novelty of it right now. As Mike said, "I think it's called anchorage", The image was anchored by the song and all that I associated with it to create a much richer overall 'experience' of the photo. Hella Words & Pictures.