Notes on... a week and a tutorial

Had a good one today, talked with Matt and he was positive that i had a territory but was looking too big, instead of getting in and being specific. He mentioned something that i want to keep up which is small projects rather than sprawling experiments or one massive thing, but a project based on a quote or a drawing or one idea. I like this way of doing stuff, it'll hopefully keep me feeling productive and give me good momentum. I thought i should take the opportunity to recap my key things that i want to keep ticking over. My project is essentially to do with collecting but I've tried to narrow it down into the specifics I'm interested in. Accumulation, Curation and Frames and Boundaries. these drawings help show some of my starting points.drawing02.jpgdrawing03.jpgdrawing04.jpgdrawing05.jpgdrawing06.jpgdrawing07.jpg

Other important things at the moment (still) are that  frames create context. A box of 'x' helps describe 'x'. you can't have a box of ... whatever 'x' is a description or a name, it helps create a criteria or typology for the artefact(s). Creating a space for that same 'x' helps validate 'x's reason for being there.

That the repetition of something- an artefact- on mass has the effect to impress only when it is extra ordinary in scale. Something uncommon, unseen or disproportionate to it's parts. Words like awesome are good here i think.