Terratories/ Things I Have Made

Had our territories presentations, I presented around collections and accumualting, curation, criteria and frames & boundaries. Here are some of the things I put in that I've been making the past week or so. net-etc.jpgThis is the paraphernalia needed to collect, kill, mount and display butterflies and moths. I'm looking at the process with a view to creating some kind of machine that will collect and display in one artifact- perhaps the jar- i like the likeness to taxidermy display glass domes. shelf.jpgThis is a very long shelf, about ten metres, in the studio. I created it as a space for a collection to occur but one which changes as people move things on and off it. It's just sort of looking at the boundaries for a collection and thinking about seriality in collections. It was directly inspired by the last Russel W. Belk quote from the previous post.matchbox-pile.jpgThis is a pile of matchboxes. I intend to collect and curate an 'exhibition' a week- I was originally worried about what format this should take, an actual physical display would be too cumbersome and not bounded enough, a website would be forever unfinished and I didn't like that. I settled on a book- hopefully inkjet print when i get a printer and saddle stitched- this gives a consistent format for the curation side of things to be given more scope- i intend to use different labeling and organising systems- mainly to play and use them and get a better understanding of them- I realise the flaws in the actual acquisition of my 'collections' i.e. they are not true collections due to the contrived nature in which they were obtained (these were bought as a set from Deptford Market) but the real purpose is in the curation and indeed of the once a week thing, i will, through repetition be collecting collections.