Slow Design or something..

So i was watching Ray Mears, as you do, but it was different to normal- he pretty much spent the entire time making this canoe from scratch with this first generation Canadian guy. They took about 5 days to make the canoe out of bark, split cedar and spruce roots. Apart from getting some cool ideas about using bark and laminating wood without a former i was interested in the emotional connection which got established with the thing. Every piece was hand crafted and- every notch and split was done by the guy who was going to use it. Every aspect was custom to the makers body, the height, width and all  the measurements were deliberated over, checked against what the paddlers oar strokes would be and then decided upon by eye and hand measured templates. The process meant that if any part broke or needed repair then the paddler could maintain his canoe. Another couple of interesting things that Ray talked about were that hand crafting everything meant that nothing was wasted, and that because it he'd made it he felt an immense satisfaction paddling it and it felt right. One of the old 'canoe masters' said 'you end up loving your canoe'.