Newcastle Review

It's always good to get away and Newcastle always clears my head. I remembered when i was in m&s that i hate shops- too big, too much shit- i'm aint no hippy or nothing but this was weird:wine-and-boxerswine should not be sold next to boxers. no. I also spotted this- lol and a half: bra Also checked out the latest exhibition at the Baltic which was Yoko Ono, i love the Baltic and some of Yoko's stuff i enjoyed- these fixed cups, fixed-cups and her ideas for installations, architecture and paintings were great (i like that the ideas were enough, that there was enough description involved that you understood the concept and what the general gist would be of the piece without it being made) unfortunatley some of the ideas had been done and they didn't feel good. I feel that when my mum talks about 'Art' and 'Artists' being highbrow and unknowable and incomprehensible with that tone that people do sometimes- she's talking about Yoko Ono, hippy, lovey, peacey, cheesey, and pretty tacky pieces- hang your wish on a tree, same picture with abstract and pseudo meaningful legends- sort of junk- kind of felt like alot of the cheesey new relgious prayer and interactive worship stuff that I was once invovled in but without the acceptable pretence of religion. Rant over.