I went to the Business Design Centre for Stampex, the British National Stamp Exhibition. So many stamps. So many old men. Didn't manage to get quite the interview material I had hoped for but once I'd decided to treat it as an observation thing and as research it was great. The catagorisation of stuff was mental. A map led to a stand which declared itself as 'specialist in Maritime Stamps and Postal History' and then this had a catalogue which referred you to a box or album, which was split into price, or country, or date, or whatever and then the stamp was presented often with it's own label underneath it within these. The tools element was also present: tweezers, magnifying tools, and shoulder bags for albums. The stamp with the tiger on it shown here I like, as it shows how the collector gets these special contexts which the regular user or reciever wouldn't. stamp_03stamp_02stamp_04stamp_01stamp_07stamp_05stamp_06stamp_08