Own It

I went to a lecture on the 23rd at the LCC on the could-be-boring topic of copyright and infringement. I turned up  because some sweet dudes were talking: A lawyer (whose name i forget, apologies), Michael Johnson of Johnson Banks, Paul (i think Brazier) from AMV BBDO, and Kjell Ekhorn of Non-Format fame. Incidentally Kjell is one of my favourite guys ever- I've loved his work like most for, years but he talked with intelligence, conviction and wit too- good guy. Actually all were, especially Paul who was great to listen to and, whilst described (in a negative way) by the MC Michael Johnson as an Ad-Man, he spoke more like an academic, despite obviously being a highly competent practitioner- i think that's how i want to be. Anyway the subject predictably wasn't bland and shit and moved rapidly from copyrighting to cliche, pop-culture, originality and working practice. Really interesting stuff- thought I'd note down as much for myself, some of the notes i made. Start with what you don't want and work with the opposite. (i.e. for a boat company don't draw a boat) - Originality. Originate. -  Looking. Appreciation. Regurgitation. - Graphic design is Craft. - Make your own voice / language. - Culture as language = style as language. - the problem occurs if you copy the current style (or does it become a movement?), no-one would stop you copying modernism. - rip off pop-culture and make it your own. - "when we feel we're in a crowded space, we just move on." (Kjell Ekhorn on Non-Format's style. - We're all one big studio.