Fascinating and moving.

malibu "The government and Daily Mail won't shut the fuck up about the perils of binge-drinking and the harmful effects of alcohol.

But this girl died after injecting neat Malibu into her eyeball, she was vomiting out of her ears just before she passed away, which was pretty fucking freaky, tbh!"


I saw this on flickr while doing research for 'city portraits' at Kin. I found the image and the text legend very compelling and interesting. I don't want this post to be seen as disrespectful in any way- it's not a lol. I think on a story telling level it's fascinating, and even stuff like starting to question the truth of the image or the attached text. I think it's interesting how the two combine to give a very convincing and sad story. Separately they can be dismissed but when presented together they seem to help validate each other. I think Words and Pictures magazine can learn something from this kind of presentation. I also think it's interesting that it was created and displayed within the flickr context- my thought process makes me think of the potential for government info type films and subsequently (and away from the morbid content of this particular 'story') advertising.