Jo introduced me to a fantastic film the other day. Written and directed by Sally Potter, RAGE is about the fashion industry (well you know, on the surface) but more interesting is the budget, and how it was filmed. Only a million quid to make a feature length film which features Eddie Izzard, Judi Dench, Steve Buscemi, and Jude Law! This is the film industry- for reference most films are made on about $150m- pirates of the caribbean 3 cost $300m. To counter the tiny budget the set is a green screen- which I found incredibly effective and beautiful. The crew consisted of an actor, a sound man and Sally Potter did the filming herself. This is raw, basic and brilliant cinema, as such, the film focuses on the great monolgues and the characters. It's a lesson in storytelling. Also of note is the distribution method- released on both the big screen and DVD at the same time, the film was also released in installments free to view on the internet- seriously wow. There was a streamed q&a at the BFI after the first screening,  which is also pretty interesting. Click the images to go watch the film, or here to visit the home page of RAGE.