Old Photo Gifs

A few years back a load of stuff got left outside our house from a house clearance. I managed to rescue a Sydenham familie's photo albums from the 70s. Mostly the pictures are crap photographically but together there's a certain Britishness to them. After watching the Mariner's Children video  'It Carved Your Name Into The Ground' by Betsy Dadd, I thought I'd do this with all of them and eventually put them to music I suppose. For now here is a gif.


First up a lovely music video which my new studio chum Clara showed me, for The Mariners Children. The animation style is simple and genuine and kind of innocent, I really like it and can't put my finger on why- I think maybe it's the music video equivalent of a zine or something. Next up is a video showing the Tom Sachs studio rules. Beautifully done, funny and also some pretty solid rules. A nice insight into the workings of a great studio.