Artifact Net Bag Capture Storage Thing

This is a net for capturing objects, and once the object has been netted and captured the net turns to a storage bag, ready for storage or transfer.

Making Week Day One

Today we made stuff out of mainly cardboard and tape- back to basics stuff with 'one day till the final exhibition' we had to crack out our final piece in 5 hours. I used the day to push one idea around-
The First was looking at a display type item, lets say a shelf with a window type thing- pretty similar to the window on a pool table- where objects are placed into it and then after enough accumulation has happened the first objects exit the system to be destroyed on the floor.

The second was looking at a similar kind of thing where some kind of conveyor belt moving around displaying at different angles and positions moved through the system and then at the pinnacle or perhaps end, it would have its roller coaster type photo taken and then sent into some kind of archiving system- either the photo or the object.

Next was something i had to get out- a box with different compartments: a kind of Russian doll in layers.

The final thing was better in the drawing a spiral shelf in a room where items enter and exit at top and bottom respectively- similar to the roller coaster and the pool ball window.

I like this idea of movement in display and collection- the slopes add to the idea of movement and time being a factor in the accumulation process.