Aveleyman – Internet Curio

I came across this website the other day. It's a sort of internet movie data base created by (I hope) one guy. It isn't IMDB. In a world where IMDB exists how and why does this keep going. I love it as a testament to one guys commitment to film, I love the aesthetics, it harks back to an age when people made websites and they were personalised totally, (I'm not going to rant about the blandification which myspace imposed on the web). The site is just impressive- perhaps that's it actually- that I'm fairly sure it's one person behind this sprawling, slightly clunky but very rich website makes it a labour of love, a feeling which the more factually accurate and reliable IMDB lacks.  

Long Live The People's Internet.


First up a lovely music video which my new studio chum Clara showed me, for The Mariners Children. The animation style is simple and genuine and kind of innocent, I really like it and can't put my finger on why- I think maybe it's the music video equivalent of a zine or something. Next up is a video showing the Tom Sachs studio rules. Beautifully done, funny and also some pretty solid rules. A nice insight into the workings of a great studio.


Came across a brilliant set of videos from Offset which is a 3 day creative conference. These videos are from 2009- expect the 2010 one shortly. But the line up is brilliant and it's a great resource- all are good but I am a massive fan of the Oliver Jeffers, David Shrigley, Chip Kidd, Harry Pearce and Anthony Burrill talks. All excellent. Offset link: here.